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BFME Ecommerce Pvt Ltd and its website (BFMe) is an online market place, where users of the Website can place order on various products and services listed by the Seller and sellers are required to fulfil the same within specified timelines. BFMe’s role is limited to managing Website (defined below) over which the products are displayed and other incidental services are provided to enable the transactions between the Sellers and the Buyers

In order to maintain the brand quality of and improve the buyer's purchase experience, all sellers of are subjected to the following terms and conditions when trading on website, the mobile site, mobile application and all other platforms.

1. Definitions:

I. “Buyer” shall mean a user of the Website who places an Order on the Seller listed on the Website for products or services.

II. “Order” shall mean a binding purchase order placed by a Buyer on the Seller for supply of products or services.

III. “Website” means ‘’ and instances of the same

“Seller Panel” means a uniform resource locator (“URL”) provided by to Seller with a unique login and password to update the order status, price and inventory on the same

2. Order-related Information:

On receipt of the Order, Seller will make the products ship to our Warehouse along with corresponding invoices in favour of buyer within 72 hours of payment of the order.

In case of delay, would be immediately informed by Seller, along with the expected time of dispatch, so that the Buyer may be appropriately informed. In case Seller fails to make the product ready for dispatch to Buyer within stipulated period, would be entitled to recover payment gateway fees from the seller.

Seller agrees to package and dispatch the product strictly as per the mandate or any guidelines given by from time to time. Seller also undertakes that it shall not promote its products, services, offers, packages, etc. to the Buyer directly, indirectly and /or through email, SMS or any other electronic or physical mode.

3. Order Status Update:

Shipment: Sellers must ship all orders to our Warehouse within 72 hours of payment for the order. Sellers are advised to check with for delivery process. If the seller fails to ship the order within 72 hours of payment, the buyer can apply for a full refund for which the seller must bear the 2% payment gateway fees except if buyers and sellers have agreed otherwise. website has the right to close the deal with the seller according to the circumstances.

False / delayed delivery: If the order status shows that the order has been shipped, but the merchant/seller has not shipped the package, the authorities would determine the merchant/seller's fault and impose delayed delivery fees.

4. Seller Service Related:

In case of special circumstances where orders need to be cancelled, the seller must explain the same to buyers till two sides reach a mutual agreement regarding the order. If a buyer

complains about such a situation to customer care, appropriate action would be taken post investigation by team. website could ask the seller to reply appropriately to the buyer within 24hours of receiving any complaint; however doesn’t hold any responsibility on any loss incurred during this process. sellers must not use any insults or derogatory words while communicating with the buyers. If the buyers complain to the authorities regarding seller’s actions, authorities will have the right to impose penalty or even dismiss the seller.

5. Logistics issues:

The ownership in the products would be transferred to the Buyer after successful delivery at the destination provided by Buyer, until which the ownership in the product shall be with Seller only. As a large market place, will extend its services to Sellers by giving mandates to logistic partner for facilitating the smooth functioning of the transaction between the Seller and Buyer. Any damage in transit on account of inadequate/unsuitable packaging will be to the account of Seller. However, any damage to the product in transit due to mishandling by the logistic partner, will facilitate the recovery from logistic partner. In case of further disputes, the return /replacement and refund policies of should stand supreme.


6. Intellectual Property Rights:

Seller recognizes and confirms that has the exclusive right to supervise, allow and reject the contents of the Website. shall not be liable for contents and images shared, uploaded or displayed on website by Seller regarding its products and all consequent liability will be borne by Seller only.


7. site prohibited: 

Sellers cannot use any means to defraud buyers. If the sellers are suspected of violating website platform behaviour guidelines and related national laws and regulations prohibited acts appropriate punishment will be taken. sellers must ensure the following:

l Must not Infringe intellectual property rights

l Must not be contrary to public interest or morality

l Goods considered not suitable for sale on site cannot be listed

l All products listed by sellers must not be fake and should be from legitimate sources 

8. Payment Fees:

The Seller agrees and acknowledges that it will pay the platform payment fee of 2% or as mentioned by The fees might change depending on market conditions and external factors. shall release money along with settlements if any, by way of wire transfer / bank transfer or as suggested by the seller.

*The terms and conditions in the agreement may change from time to time as decided by BFMe Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

* Copyright © 2017-2024 BFMe Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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